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The Student Senate is an elected body which serves as a representative for undergraduate students and whose primary objective is to deal with academic affairs.

Apart from serving as a medium between the UGC and the students, it's constantly working towards making access to academic resources easier for students.

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Ankit Girdhar

B.Tech 2014 ECE

Saurabh De

B.Tech 2013 CSE

Saurabh De CSE, B.Tech 2013
Prerna Singh ECE, B.Tech 2013
Ankit Girdhar ECE, B.Tech 2014
Shivam Rustogi CSE, B.Tech 2014
Mridul Sharma ECE, B.Tech 2015
Aman Agarwal CSE, B.Tech 2015
Vishav Vikash ECE, M.Tech 2015
Bishwadeep Khan ECE, M.Tech 2016
Vivek Ranjan ECE, M.Tech 2016
Pundari Mishra CSE, M.Tech 2016
Sharan Pai CSAM, B.Tech 2016
Brihi Joshi ECE, B.Tech 2016
Zoha Hamid CSE, B.Tech 2016