Having a ton of questions or being clueless as a fresher is common. The interACT program aims to give young undergraduate students a chance to interact with and get mentorship from the seniors in their departments who have explored and excelled in various subdomains. This helps young students to be aware of the plethora of opportunities, prepare for them, and build bonds with seniors.

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A group of final-year undergraduate students with the experience and exposure from the best organizations of the world comes together to mentor the sophomores for research/industry internship test preparation

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Alum Connect

The ending of one thing is the beginning of another. To explore opportunities and pathways in life after IIITD, we provide a platform for students to have one-one interaction with the IIITD alumni working in different domains.

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A special program designed for the B.Tech and M.Tech aspirants. A series of open houses, project showcases, and other well-curated events to mark the beginning of their new journey.

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Support by Senate

The Student Senate is available 24*7 to help you along your journey at IIITD. Please reach out to us in case of any doubt, suggestion, or feedback. Also, a monthly mentorship session is for anyone who wishes to interact with the student senate members

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IIITD HandBook

Unable to track your mandatory credits? Confused about SG/CW? Not able to understand some regulations? Fret not. IIITD academic section has curated a carefully designed resource and rulebook section, supplemented with FAQs which would come handy for everyone at IIITD.

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Academic FAQ for B.Tech. Students

BTP/IP/UR/Online courses

A student can do a BTP/IP with anyoneoutside. However it is mandatory to have aninternal supervisor who should be regular faculty of IIITD.

Yes, it is allowed to do with a visiting faculty. However, it is not allowed to do with a guest faculty

Max 4 credits of Online course can be taken in a Semester and max 8 credits in the entire BTech Programme

Yes you have to pay by yourself. It will get reimbursed by institute once you pass the exam.

No, BTP to IP conversion is not allowed. An incomplete BTP credits will also not count towards 156 credits graduation requirement.

Academic FAQ for B.Tech. Students

Course registration

Normal minimum load is 16 credits. You can go below 16 credits too by taking an underload with permission. Rest activities will have to be managed by the student. However, more than 20 days of leave from campus will be considered as semester leave.

Max 20 credits in a semester and 40 credits in BTech program can be done at another University. For this student should apply at the other university, come up with the courses that he is planning to do there, take approval from academic office. Once approved, his courses will be considered towards the degree requirement.

Refer overlaoad rules available in B.Tech. regulations : Click here for regulation.

You can't take less than 16 credits in the first two years. You can take an underload in third and fourth year. You can go as low as 12 credits. If you want to take less than 12 credits, then you will have to take permission from the academic department

20*2 + 22*2 + 24*4 + 6*3 = 198 However any overload that a student take needs approval from academic department

B.Tech. students can register for any course for improvement. Students are just required to register for the course on ERP. Students should note that best of the 2 grades will count towards the cgpa. However, both will reflect in the transcript. Also, both grades will count towards SGPA of respective semesters

Yes, if the course are done in last 4 semesters. Same is the case with other department specific online courses.

YMax 8 Credits if one completes more than 156 Credits can be uncounted. Its not a replacement of any credits. If a student do more than 156 credits, worst 8 credits grades will not be counted in CGPA. This will be done automatically on ERP and student don’t have to give any request.

Pre-registration is necessary part of the academic registration. In case a student fails to do pre-registration of courses, a penalty may be imposed if the student does not register his/her preference within the stipulated period.

You can add max 2 courses and drop max 2 courses.

Its the responsibility of the students to register all (mandatory and Elective) courses on ERP.

Mandatory courses cannot be dropped. Only One Elective course can be late dropped per semester.

Is any change in course registration allowed after ADD/DROP?

You cannot register a course if you do not meet the mandatory Prerequisite for the course.

All IPs will show on the transcript, and best 2 out of N IPs will count towards CGPA without counting in the 8 credit replacement policy.